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The Wakefield treehouse is a sight to behold. Walking into the playhouse, an enormous rainbow stained glass window casts colored light across the foyer. The interior is outfitted with tables, chairs, a play kitchen, a working refrigerator, and an antique telephone. A reclaimed window looks over the property from a higher level, and adds some light to a reading nook with a hardwood seat, framed by the arched ceiling. Reclaimed wood, a glass window, and an old light fixture create a warm glow in a space situated between the gabled roofs. The back door opens onto one of the structure’s many decks, allowing for a beautiful view and a patio where the children can rest on child-sized cafe furniture.

The decorative details of the Wakefield treehouse are numerous. The front door is constructed from a repurposed church organ! Curvan was able to take advantage of Jeri Wakefield’s collection of antique hardware, using an old Sinclair Oil doorknob and spigots to create imaginary water, tea, and milk taps. Scrabble pieces affixed to the back door tell adults to watch their heads as they move through the frame, obviously designed to accommodate children. The children are able to move around the levels and to a crow’s nest by way of a suspension bridge, staircases, and rope ladders. A wonderful example of architecture and an outpouring of love, the treehouse is a beautiful tribute to the importance of play and creativity.

+ James Curvan

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