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Now available in sizes for tweens to adults, Independence Day features classic everyday essentials including cargo pants, sweatpants, leggings, dresses, and tees. What sets the line apart from traditional collections are details such as no tags, no buttons, no zippers, soft fabric for kids with sensory issues, and being reversible (with some clothing also designed to be worn inside out!).

Another essential design feature: a tucked away space for GPS tracking devices. The pants and dresses feature a discreet pocket for trackers or other small items, with Independence Day offering optional GPS systems. For many kids with autism and other special needs, GPS affords them a greater degree of independence since parents can keep track of their kids and ensure that they are safe and where they are supposed to be, whether heading to school or visiting with friends.

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Although Independence Day clothing was initially designed to help kids and adults who have autism, the appeal of the collection is great for anyone looking for comfortable clothes that are easy to put on and fuss free. The Caribbean Cruise shorts and skirts from Independence Day’s first artist-in-residence, for example, are made from wrinkle-free, washable fabric and come in bold, cheery patterns and colors that would be perfect for the upcoming warm weather. Independence Day will continue to release new items and sizes for their clothing line, making getting dressed stylishly and safely one thing kids and teens with autism (and their parents) can check off their list.

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