Calling all creative, eco-minded Inhabitots!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and there are lots of ways to tread lightly on the earth this Hallows Eve with a little ingenuity and crafty resourcefulness. Clever home-made costumes and yummy organic treats are always more fun and memorable than store-bought goodies, not to mention being better for the environment as well! This Halloween we want to pick your collective brains. We want to hear about your brilliant eco ideas – everything from witty home-made toddler and kids costumes to special recipes for organic pumpkin cookies. Inhabitots will be giving away a bunch of fabulous prizes from Oeuf and Nubius Organics to the most creative Green Halloween ideas, so sign up for Inhabitots and enter our contest today! >

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Entering this competition is easy. Simply signup with Inhabitots (if you aren’t already a registered email reader), and then comment at the bottom of this post with your brilliant green Halloween idea. Then if you can, please send us a photo of your creative costume or treat idea.

We are judging this competition on CREATIVITY of submission, so sending photos in to us will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of winning. The best ideas will be showcased in our Flickr gallery on our site. Put ‘Inhabitots Green Halloween’ as the subject of the email, make sure you include your name (and the email address you have registered at Inhabitots), and please keep your images reasonable in size (less than 300K please). Remember you need to be a registered Inhabitots newsletter reader to enter, so if you haven’t already signed up with us, register here today >


Of all the entries we are receiving, we aren’t getting very many photos. This means you will SIGNIFICANTLY improve your chances of winning if you send a photo in to us. We really want your photos of cute costumes and treats, so please send them today! These prizes are really good, so put more than 20 seconds into this contest. You will be rewarded!

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: Midnight on October 31st

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Monday November 3rd


speesees organic jackets, nubius organics, bear jacket, lamb jacket, critter kids jacketsSpeesees organic critter jackets from Nubius Organics

Oeuf Angel Wing Sweater, Oeuf eco friendly kids clothesOeuf Angel Sweater

Oeuf Animal Tails and Snouts, Oeuf fair trade knitsOeuf Animal Tails & Snouts


One first prize winner will get their choice of eco cutey clothing item from Oeuf or Nubius Organics: Oeuf’s Angel Sweater, Oeuf’s animal tail & snout, or Speese’s Organic Little Lamb Jacket. These charming eco-friendly & fair trade kids clothes items offer fun Halloween costume potential, but can also get tons of regular use for years instead of just for 24 hours on Halloween as part of a costume.

The first prize winner will also win their choice of an eco-friendly Inhabitots Tshirt or onesie (see below).

One second place winner will receive your choice of green Halloween item from Oeuf or Nubius Organics (see above), and their choice of Inhabitots Tshirt or onesie (see below).

Will receive a Chico Green Halloween bag stuffed with your choice of Inhabitots baby tee or onesie

Inhabitots baby tee, Inhabitots baby onesieInhabitots Baby Owl Tee & Roots Onesie


1. Only registered Inhabitots readers are eligible for prizes
2. you can submit as many entries as you like
3. you can submit up to 5 photos of a single entry to editor at inhabitots dot com
4. PHOTOS MUST BE SIZED TO 600 pixels wide, 72 dpi, and under 200K – for publication on the web. We will not download gigantic photographs
5. store-bought costumes and treats do not count – a little bit of creativity is required here – whether or not that is tweaking an outfit your child already owns or finding a new use for something in your house

Oeuf Animal TailsOeuf Animal Tails

Petey + Inhabitots Owl TeeGood luck from Inhabitots!