Artist Jim Denevan amazes us with his freehand, eco-friendly by nature and design, sand drawings. With summer on the horizon, many child builders and architects will be blooming on beach sands. Show kids Denevan’s amazing artwork to inspire them and encourage their appreciation for environmental beauty. (via Nature Repurposed.)

Droolicious features 5 Wild Ways to Bike with Kids. No matter how big or small your brood, check out these eco-friendly transportation options and wheel about town in style and hopefully in unison.

Tree Hugging Family helps us plan for 365 days of green in honor of Earth Day. We love their comprehensive month to month guide of things to learn, goals to achieve and reasons to celebrate year round, with regard to the planet.

Mother Nature Network extends the Earth Day celebration with a post on the seven eco wonders of the world. Prepare to be awed by these worldwide efforts in sustainability and design.

Kaboose presents an array of  Earth Day crafts for kids of all ages. Bracelets made out of toothbrushes, magazine holders made out of cereal boxes? Let the fun and innovation begin… every day of the year!