LilSugar notes the war of words between attachment parenting guru Dr. William Sears and sleep training/cry it out advocate Marc Weissbluth, M.D. We’re very interested in the sleep debates, but we wonder if Weissbluth taking to his blog to debunk Sears’ research is going to help anyone catch more ZZZ’s.

Petite Planet gives us 7 sure to please natural & organic snacks for picky toddlers. For those times when you can’t tote a buffet table of fresh foods, and you need to have lots of trusty snacks on hand.

Babyccino highlights the Akua-Ba maternity top made out of Fair Trade cotton and featuring a small wooden doll that brings good luck to mother and child. For each top sold, Akua-Ba gives a mosquito net to a pregnant woman in Burkina Faso to protect her and her newborn against malaria.

Kiwi Magazine’s blog, Kiwilog helps you find out how walkable your neighborhood is with Walkscore — a website that ranks the walkability of over 2,000 US neighborhoods according to foot-friendly criteria. Walk on to prevent pollution and promote a healthy lifestyle.