Ohdeedoh highlights creative and dedicated mom Laura Frantz, for designing an amazing bunny house world for her kids, complete with grass, a pond and a path, as well as felted rugs and bowls and tiny sewn curtains and pillows. Check out the details here!

Cool Mom Picks gives us vital information on how to help Haiti with donations to six excellent charities.

LMNOP features a colorful, cuddly octopus toy for tots, handmade by artisans in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Brooke at Inchmark must have scored some serious points with this poignant DIY birthday gift she made for her mother-in-law: a daily countdown to her birthday, featuring 28 photos of her grandkids. Check out the tutorial to make grandma a very happy lady!

Growing Up Green features a Polar Bear labyrinth from Terra Toys. Made from sustainable wood with 5% of profits donated to WWF, this game is a win-win.