Kids Haus raves about Mibo Wise Guys, downloadable owls that you print, cut and fold to add flair to any room. Have the pdf file sent to your inbox and construct these owlies with the kids on a rainy day. *Make the owls ‘green’ by using recycled printer paper.

Healthy Child, Healthy World reveals 10 Easy Eco Crafts for Kids. We love all of these original, off the beaten path ideas… from Leaf People to Stone Dolls!

Ohdeedoh unearths handmade Alphabet Beanbags, which offer a fun, clever way to teach tots how to spell. Click here to see the tutorial from Lil Blue Boo.

Sew,Mama,Sew clues us in on Easy Hand Sewing for Kids – Early Years. Who knew that 1-2 year olds could start honing their sewing skills? Go check out these fabulous ideas for tots ages 1-4 to get started down the crafty path!