Easter weekend is here, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the tradition of decorating Easter eggs in a green fashion! Be sure to purchase eco-friendly Easter eggs that are humanely produced. Words to look for on packaging include “certified humane” and “certified organic.” Read this helpful and informative article: Eco-friendly Eggs before you go shopping.

Check out the following links to green egg decorating ideas we’ve rounded up, and enjoy getting creative with your families over the holiday weekend!

Retro Mama features an amazing fabric Easter egg tutorial, in which she uses scrap fabrics to create the beautiful, reusable eggs seen above.

Cool Mom Picks highlights this super sweet and ingenious egg decorating kit for small children: Design Your Own eggheads felt book from Beeper BeBe. These savvy moms suggest keeping little hands busy by giving them this festive book while you prep Easter dinner!

Ohdeedoh shares the scoop on natural egg dyeing — including using paprika, grape juice, beet juice and daffodils to color your eggs.

Rosy Posy shows us how to grow grass with egg shells saved for her family’s composter.

Long Island Press offers several green egg dyeing ideas “that actually work.” These ideas call on Mother Nature to provide the artistic element in the egg coloring process.

Happy Easter!