Tangled and True highlights an eco-friendly way to get around town with your tot — via the Taga, part bicycle, part stroller. What a unique, functional way to travel with kids.

Wise Craft puts a new spin on an old classic: Checkers. This crafty mom designed homespun checkers — made out of felted rocks, a game board fashioned from a ‘stash of woolen remnants from Goodwill’… and a lot of ingenuity!

In response to recent news that a Canadian survey found BPA in 84% of the glass-jarred baby food containers it sampled, LilSugar has compiled a list of seven BPA free baby food alternatives.

Droolicious introduces us to adorable Aminal ‘Momey’ and ‘Dady’ organic dolls (misspellings intentional) — inspired by the “silly imaginings of what kid-designed Mom and Dad dolls might look like.”

Maya Made brings us a how to on creating a simple summer pavilion for your kids via thoughtful use of household items. We’d love to be invited to a tea party in this charming setting!