Wondering what to get for your green-minded, earth loving mommy this Mother’s Day? We’ve compiled a list of ten meaningful gifts she’s sure to love… and you’ll also score points with Mother Nature for these eco-friendly choices. Here are 10 green Mother’s Day gifts for your eco-savvy mom.


1. GIFT OF NATURE: Garden in a Bag – $9

Moms love tending to little sprouts… which is why they have children! If she has the desire to do some gardening, but lacks the time, outdoor space or green thumb, this Garden in a Bag will fulfill her penchant for growing greens. Available in an array of varieties from basil and cilantro to parsley and lavender, these herbs grow straight out of the bag and may be snipped and enjoyed in fresh meals.



Give your mom a pair of tickets to a play, to the opera, to an art show, to a rock concert, or to see her favorite sports team play ball. Whatever her interest is, there’s likely an event in your town she’d love to attend. Maybe she’ll even take you along if you’re lucky!



Moms, like everyone else are works in progress. What has she been wanting to learn but has yet to carve out the time to do so? Delight her with guitar or piano lessons, a knitting series, a vegan cooking class, or an Italian language course. She’ll love that you took her interests to heart.

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There’s nothing more budget friendly, or more appreciated by mothers than homemade art. Visit this heart flower bouquet tutorial at Maya Made to learn how to make gorgeous keepsake flowers your mom will treasure for a lifetime.



Let’s be honest. Most moms have a stash of homemade coupons that are redeemable for “unloading the dishwasher,” “taking out the trash” and “a big hug.” While these are all helpful, what moms need most is TIME OFF! Make her a stack of cards, 52 to be exact, so mom has a tangible reminder to take one hour off, once a week, to do whatever she wants. Write “ONE HOUR TO YOURSELF” on each card and make sure she remembers to use them!


6. GIFT OF RESTORE: Kathleen Lewis’ Bath and Body Oils – $22

Perhaps mom would like to use one of those “hour to herself” cards to unwind in a luxurious bath. Kathleen Lewis’ Bath and Body Oils are made up of a rich blend of all natural emollient oils, and come in Rose, Lavender and Honey scents. Send mom off to soak in a tub of these oils, followed by a massage with them from dad, and she’ll understand the term “serenity now.”



There’s no better type of gift than the one that keeps on giving. Set your mom up with an annual membership to her favorite art museum or botanical gardens, or local outing she most enjoys. Most museums and the like feature family events, specify family days each week, or are generally family friendly; so moms may pass on their affinities and passions to their children by using an annual pass to a favorite destination on a regular basis.


8. GIFT OF GREEN JEWELRY: Recycled LP Cameo Pendant – $56

Skip the generic gems and jewelry that tinker to the surface for Mother’s Day sales. Instead, give mom something unique, sustainably designed, affordable, hip, and sure to be a conversation starter among other moms. These Recycled LP Cameo Pendants are made out of recycled records. Vintage cameo style meets modern eco-fashionista vibe via the super cool designs showcased above. These aren’t your grandma’s cameos, but your mom will love them as if they were.


9. GIFT OF (CHEEKY) AMBIANCE: A Scent of Scandal Candles – $18

Help mom unwind at the end of a long day with the flickering glow of A Scent of Scandal Candles. These candles are as good for mom’s psyche as they are for the planet. Hand-poured from 100% soy wax with metal free, cotton wicks, they are vegan, cruelty-free and long lasting, burning for between 30-35 hours. There’s even a “Hot Mama” sugar and spice scent option.

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Mother’s Day is all about giving mom a gift she typically wouldn’t buy for herself… but would like to. The Ecoist Diva Clutch in Gold will let her strut her stuff as if the world is her runway. This sassy bag is made from post-consumer candy wrappers, soda labels and food packages. Tell mom to ditch her sippy cup, crayons and bib toting diaper bag at the door, and to carry this hot little number that will clutch a lip gloss and cash, for a fun night out on the town. *Bonus if you fill this clutch with concert tickets.

With love, from your favorite Inhabitots eco-mamas: Jill, Beth and Abigail

*Gift of Culture image via Design Mom