Few things confound parents more than the issue of sleep. Crib or co-sleep? Cry it out or tend to every whimper? Sleeping through the night, yet? There’s no one-size-fits-all remedy for families, but co-sleeping is an age-old custom that has served many parents and babies well. The many benefits of co-sleeping include: mom may breastfeed baby during the night without much disturbance, co-sleeping until age 5 is healthier and may reduce stress, and studies have shown that co-sleeping is safer than crib sleeping and may even reduce the risk of SIDS. If you decide to give co-sleeping a try, make sure you do the research and co-sleep in a suitable environment to ensure the safety of your child. The Humanity Family Bed offers an easy, safe haven for co-sleeping, and you can rest assured that co-sleeping won’t harm your child’s development or social skills as he gets older. If you’re currently co-sleeping and find the set-up less than ideal, perhaps these tips to help you overcome 6 common co-sleeping hurdles will help you get some more shut-eye. And every parent would probably agree that no matter what their sleeping arrangement is, they could use more ZZZZs. So check out these helpful tips for overtired parents, on how to get a good night’s sleep. Finally, whether you have slept in the same bed as your baby once or hundreds of nights, these hilarious co-sleeping baby sleep positions diagrams devised by one co-sleeping dad with a great sense of humor are sure to make you laugh out loud.