Inhabitots parents love any opportunity to repurpose great design materials, so we were totally excited to come across these super-stylish INKE wallpaper kits made from vintage stock. Recycling that migrates across your child’s bedroom or playroom walls as a herd of elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, ostriches, monkeys, rhinos and lions could not be cuter! Dutch designer Inke Heiland has created an ‘old-as-new’ way for families to cultivate their wild side. What a great way to let loose and go green at home!

Due to the retro-aging of INKE’s papers and the irregularities in their printing, it is unlikely that any two paper samples will be exactly the same, as their unique patterns and shapes are as diverse as those of savannah roaming species found in the wild. INKE also offers a floor-to-ceiling wallpaper tree with 3D birdhouse lamp that adds a glowing woodsy effect to a child’s room or your personal study or library.

The INKE: ‘do-it-yourself wallpaper kit’ includes your choice of animal silhouettes, a supply of paste, a brush, and simple instructions for installation. The silhouettes are all hand crafted in Inke Heiland’s workshop.

+ $25-$295 from Romp Brooklyn
+ INKE Wallpaper Kits

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