Giving birth is hard work, and an innovative bed might offer a viable option for exhausted new moms in the maternity ward to get some rest and stay close to their baby at the same time. The bed, which was first spied on Australian baby site Belly Belly’s Facebook page, appears to combine a regular hospital bed with the addition of a bump out bassinet area on one side for babies. Keeping baby at this proximity would be a great way to encourage and support the mom-baby connection without a post-labor and delivery mom needing to get out of bed ten times a night to nurse, comfort, or simply gaze adoringly at her newborn. For mothers who had C-sections or a traumatic delivery, these beds would be especially ideal since lifting babies out of bassinets after surgery is often a no-no. We love that the baby’s bassinet part sticks out a bit from the regular bed, so that she could remain safe and out of the way while still being close enough for feedings and cuddling. Of course, there’s always the concern about suffocation and other common co-sleeping concerns (as well as the necessity of getting mom moving to prevent blood clots), but we imagine these beds would be a huge hit with new parents even if used during mom’s waking hours. The maker of this brilliant bed is unknown, as is information on where it can be purchased — but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that more hard-working mamas and babies will get some post-birth cuddle and connection time with these maternity beds in the near future.

via Yahoo!

Lead image via Belly Belly’s Facebook page