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Blending technology with art, designer Chris O’Shea has developed an interactive game that allows kids to smile while they heal. Taking into account a wide range of patient types, he ensures that the bedridden, injured, and ill all have a part to play in Woodland Wiggle. The space was created in collaboration with an internal clinical team as well as architects from Cottrell & Vermeulen, graphic designer Morag Myerscough, and textile artist Betty Fraser Myerscough. Animators Felix Massie and Brains and Hunch were also asked to contribute.

In his work, O’Shea strives to fill the everyday with joy and wonder through installations, digital toys, and play spaces. In accordance with his core values that encourage curiosity, movement, immersion, and participation, his interactive wall promotes collaboration with fellow patients, and a place where the unpleasant experiences of illness and injury can be forgotten. Using therapeutic movement to soothe the soul while the body recovers, his efforts are a part of a growing trend to bring play and laughter into the world of medicine.

+ Royal London Children’s Hospital

Images © Chris O’Shea

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