Hospital waiting rooms are arguably some of the most depressing spaces on the planet — with regard to both their design aesthetic and the fact that most people in this setting are on pins and needles emotionally. Yet new media and entertainment studio, Moment Factory has found a way to breathe new life and energy into the very structure of the waiting room at the CHU Ste-Justine Children’s Hospital in Montreal. Their innovative Interactive Musical Wall gives children the gift of a fun distraction when they need it the most. The permanent installation is a project spearheaded by producer Denise Roberts, who designed the wall to make waiting at the hospital a more pleasant experience for children and families. All a child has to do is place his hands near the wall, and a wall projector connected to motion sensors produces colorful lines and shapes which are accompanied by harmonious musical notes. Those who “play” the wall can move their hands in same fashion as a conductor, and a different tune is composed every time a child makes his unique motions. Photographs don’t do this musical masterpiece justice, so tune into the video of the Interactive Musical Wall in action after the jump.

The rainbow colors that line the wall spring to vivid animation via touch, and the fascinating imagery moves in time to the music, creating what looks like fireworks at the user’s fingertips. We hope the Interactive Musical Wall becomes a part of many more hospital settings in the future, giving patients and their families the opportunity to experience the moment on a much lighter note.

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