This hand puppet is NOT your garden variety kiddie toy — it’s a work of art! Created by a young puppeteer named Barnaby Dixon, the tribal warrior puppet has some seriously lifelike moves. He┬ácan point, pick up and throw or kick things, and even dance! The puppet can also open his mouth, turn his head from side to side, and jump in amazingly fluid motions. Dixon uses the fingers on two hands to operate the puppet, and the movements are artful and graceful. Figuring out how to make the puppet move seamlessly and with amazing detail in every direction, however, was not as easy as the finished puppet makes the process look. Dixon spent about a year and a half trying to create the puppet before finally hitting upon the mechanisms that would allow for flowing, realistic actions. If you are trying to wrap your head around how Dixon managed to get the hands to perform so precisely and the body parts to work so well in conjunction with each other, check out this video.

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