Rube Goldberg machines are often quite complex and highly creative ways to problem-solve and demonstrate cause and effect. One example would be the extensive steps taken in order to open a gate, as seen in the classic movie The Goonies. A Youtube user is taking a simpler approach, turning found objects and Kapla blocks into short, yet effective sequences that are especially inspiring and doable for kids. Using objects such as marbles, dominos, and magnets, Kaplamino sets a variety of actions into motion. The videos are oddly meditative, and the low-tech, process-driven configurations are a fun way for kids to rethink how to use their toys and game supplies. With summer on the horizon, we think this activity would be a great one to tackle. By the end of August, these chain reactions could be graduating to new heights and levels of difficulty. Whether your kids make you do the Truffle Shuffle to witness them is entirely up to them.

via This Is Colossal