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Throughout the project, Wilcox held 19 workshops where kids were told to come up with their own inventions without any ridicule, encouraging participants not to limit their ideas. The kids started out by making over 600 drawings that Wilcox evaluated. Some ideas were odd, some totally absurd, and some totally brilliant. Of these wacky ideas, Wilcox chose 60 that stood out, with the goal of turning the drawings into real inventions.

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With drawings in tow, the next step for INVENTORS! was a meeting with local makers and designers who were interested in making these children’s ideas a reality. Each designer and maker could choose a project that appealed to them, then in just 4 short weeks, present a finished product for an exhibition in Sunderland, UK.

The chosen wild ideas from the local kids included “backwoods glasses,” invented by an 11 year-old, which allow the user to see behind them with ease. A sweet six year-old wanted the makers to create a hand that could give him endless high fives, and another 11 year-old created a family scooter that allows four family members to scoot down the street together. The awesome inventions inspired and delighted the kids of South Tyneside and Sunderland.