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Lil’ Fairy Doors are simply attached to the wall of a child’s room, or up on a shelf, or in some other special spot in the home. Parents encourage their child to leave messages by the door for the fairies. The, ahem, fairies will respond and congratulate the child on special events or send supportive messages and little gifts in difficult times. This helps children through life-stage breakthroughs (think losing a first tooth and the like), and provides positive reinforcement for good behavior. Parents are also encouraged to get creative with the communication, and lil’ Fairy Door’s Facebook page is a forum for parents to share fun ideas for keeping activities with the door interesting plus stories of how a door has helped their child.

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Of the fantasy aspect of the doors Sally Copus states, “In a world filled with so many things that make our children grow up so quickly, we believe in offering a way to keep our little ones young while they’re young. After all, they’re only little for such a short time …” The lil’ Fairy Door website stocks items such as fairy dust, toadstools and moss doormats to expand upon the fairies’ story and keep things magical for children.

Lil’ Fairy Doors are available directly from the lil’ Fairy Door online store, with a door retailing for $27 and accessories starting from just $1.50. The items ship from Australia to anywhere in the world, and shipping is calculated at checkout. Items are also non-toxic and made from eco-friendly materials.

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Photos by lil’ Fairy Door and via Facebook