Think it’s perfectly alright for your child to hunch over an iPad or iPhone? Think again. According to Leigh Sheldrick, a chiropractor with seventeen years of experience, on an increasing basis, young children are presenting with what she, and the Ollie Owl Pillow company are calling “iPosture Syndrome.” Sheldrick says, iPosture Syndrome, ‘refers to the forward head posture kids develop from spending too long hunched over electronic devices.” This syndrome can harm the muscles of the upper back and neck and may even result in kids as young as five, “stooping like a 60-year-old.” Digitally dependent kids can also experience another whole host of symptoms, including, poor posture and eyesight, strained wrists, thumbs and elbows, sleep problems, poor social skills and possible weight problems. Of course, kids shouldn’t be sitting in front of screens day in and day out, but the Ollie Owl Pillow company notes that their pillows, created just for kids, may help combat some neck and spine problems since they’re made just for little growing bodies. The iPosture Syndrome, in some ways, seems like just a way to sell pillows made especially for kids, but there’s also some truth to it, considering how much time kids spend staring at screens nowadays. Before you start thinking of buying pillows to thwart iPosture Syndrome, our advice is to keep screen time to a minimum.

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