Remember all the fun you had playing Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, and Tetris? iSpy Gameboy bags contain all of the colorful, graphic iconography that kids and adults love about the infamous handheld Gameboy, and they get kids to think, move around and play the old-fashioned way! Each Gameboy-shaped beanbag is filled with classic video game charms, and comes with an accompanying list which tells players which trinkets to find inside. iSpy Gameboy bags are a great way to keep curious minds occupied, scavenger hunt style! And the best part is, you can play with iSpy Gameboy bags anywhere, anytime!

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Each iSpy Gameboy bag is handmade out of woolen fleece with felt details, so no two are alike. The charms inside are sculpted out of polymer clay, and feature video game characters that will give you a tinge of nostalgia from when you were a kid! Young and old gamers alike will enjoy finding the Triforce, mushrooms, ghosts, stars and Tetris blocks!

Not only do we love the fact that these toys are made by nerdgoddess in her own home with her own two hands, instead of in a big factory, we really feel that kids will enjoy the activity of searching for these little treasures even more than playing Nintendo Wii. There is something to be said for good, old-fashioned unscripted play that makes it so much more appealing and imagination-building than a video game where only certain outcomes are possible.

Note: Please make sure that iSpy Gameboy bag players are over the age of 3, as they contain small, chokable pieces that may be mistaken for candy.

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