Plenty of kids fear bees and their sting, but these little misunderstood and endangered workers are responsible for pollinating and helping  1/3 of flowering and agricultural plants to grow, so taking care of them should be at the top of our To-Do lists. J. Crew has partnered with the Xerces Society, a non-profit devoted to insect conservation, to support our honey buddies by creating T-shirts, socks, notecards, and a candle as part of their Garments for Goods selection. 50% of the retail cost of these items will make its way back to the Xerces society for its education, outreach, and advocacy work. The tees feature a bunch of bees that were drawn by artist Donald Robertson buzzing about on a neutral background or playing “bee ball” against a charcoal backdrop, and the socks display a repeating bee pattern set against a sky-like blue background. We love it when companies team up with non-profits for a sweet, good-for-everyone collaboration.

+ J.Crew Garments for Good Save the Bees collection $19.50-55.00