It’s unfortunate, but the LEGO home built as a result of the James May BBC television challenge has succumbed to the same fate as many more conventional brick and mortar real estate listings (cue the collective sighs of kids everywhere)… And they were only asking £50,000 for the colorful abode — a steal even by today’s housing market standards.

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The dream home of many a young (very young) architect was demolished late last month due to a lack of viable interest from prospective buyers. The demolition (which oddly did not involve block-by-block dissection by tiny, knobby fingers, but instead the swinging of very real sledge hammers), resulted in a monstrous pile of 3.3 million LEGO bricks.

News of the demolition spurned an outcry of how ecologically unfriendly the once fun project turned out to be. Fortunately, the fears of the show’s eco-minded watchers were not realized — as the LEGO bricks used to build the home have been donated to charity. The designboom comments section features healthy discourse on all things LEGO.

For James May’s next toy challenge, visit the show’s page on the BBC website.

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