We’ve seen some quirky and downright creepy ways to commemorate your pregnancy in the past, and now we’ve found another weird one for the unnecessary baby product file. Japanese engineering firm Fasotec is now offering miniature 3D printed fetus models to expectant moms for the astronomical price of 100,000 yen or about $1,230 a pop. Keep reading to see how it’s made.

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The keychain-sized keepsake is a replica of your developing fetus floating in amniotic fluid made from resin and delivered inside a jewelry box. They’re calling the pocket-size pregnancy memento “Shape of an Angel.”

How do they do it? Women must visit the Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic in Tokyo for an MRI. Those images are then used to created the 3D replica of your baby-to-be sized at a tiny 90X60X40 millimeteres.  And you thought 3D ultrasounds were bad!

+ Fasotec

via io9.com