Your partner’s sympathy pains can now become a reality. Thanks to Japanese scientists,  a new “pregnancy suit” simulates kicks and movements of the fetus in utero, allowing dads-to-be to experience pregnancy on a new level. Attached to the suit is  a virtual sonogram video, which shows a digital fetus moving and reacting to the wearer’s movements. Read on to discover how the pregnancy suit works.

Pregnancy simulator, Takuya Iwamoto, Pregnancy suit, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, virtual fetus

Developed by Takuya Iwamoto at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, the suit simulates baby kicks and movements via a system of small air balloons and a 4-liter bag of warm water. On the interior of the suit, the 45 balloons expand and contract, like sporadic kicks. But the suit is also interactive, stroking the “stomach” causes the suit and the virtual fetus on the screen to respond. Lined with sensors, the outside of the suit responds to touch, jumps and pokes.

Wearers can go for the full experience by wearing the suit all day, or go for the speed pregnancy. The pregnancy suit can simulate the feeling of a fetus from conception to nine months, in just two minutes! The company suggests the suit to be worn by both men and women who would like to experience a tidbit of what pregnancy can be like. Unfortunately, the suit doesn’t simulate bloat, water retention, or birthing pain, and as you can see in this video, makes pregnancy seem like a very giggly affair.

Via Babble