Perhaps this Jaws-themed crib isn’t exactly what sleep experts had in mind when they suggested creating a calm, comforting sleep environment for babies, but we definitely appreciate the amazing technique and sense of humor that resulted in this highly creative and inspired baby gift. Toy inventor, children’s furniture and set designer, and sculptor Joseph Reginella is always up for a creative challenge (past clients have included Lady Gaga). When he found out his best friend (and fellow Jaws aficionado) was going to add another member to his family, Reginella got to work, using a drawing by another friend as a guide and then spending two weeks making this surprisingly realistic and detailed crib. Baby Mikey fits snugly inside the ship and just beneath the great white’s impressive jaws. All things considered, the living quarters actually look pretty cozy in there! Concerned parents, take note: Baby Mikey has a real crib to actually sleep in. This one is purely for the photo ops, and it has apparently inspired other parents to request similar sleeping arrangements for their own little sharkbait… er …precious cargo. If families plan on co-sleeping, we think they’re going to need a bigger bed. Da na, da na da na…

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Image © Joseph Reginella

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