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Reinventing the diaper, The Honest Company’s innovative new spin on the disposable diaper truly delivers. Not only does it stand up to Baby’s dirty work, it looks cute in the process with sweet prints including ice cream cones, anchors and stars. The super-soft diapers are 80% plant-based (a mix of wheat or corn starch blended with acrylic polymers), and contain totally chlorine-free fluff (TCF): peroxide-bleached (H2O2) paper material from controlled/sustainable forestry sources (where more trees are planted than felled). The Honest Company has also produced new 100% biodegradable fragrance free baby wipes to complete their eco diapering system.

All of The Honest Company’s 100% non-toxic products are made in California, within a 90 mile radius of their headquarters in Santa Monica. Their bath and skin care line for babies is comprised of pure, organic botanicals and essential oils, contains no harsh or synthetic chemicals, boasts a sweet orange vanilla scent and includes: honest shampoo & body wash, honest hair conditioner, honest healing balm, honest face & body lotion, honest bubble bath, honest body oil, honest sunscreen and honest hand sanitizer. Their cleaning and laundry products are biodegradable and contain NO petro-chemicals or harsh synthetic perfumes, phosphates, dyes, or chlorine. The line includes: honest laundry detergent, honest liquid dish soap, honest hand soap, honest auto dishwasher gel, and honest multi-surface cleaner.

HOW IT WORKS: Sign up for a monthly subscription service via The Honest Company website, choosing one or both of their delivery bundles: Diapers and/or Family Essentials. The Diapers Bundle is $79.95/month and equips you with a one month supply of diapers — and for a limited time, if you sign up for the diaper delivery service, you will receive Honest Wipes for free, for the lifetime of your membership. The Family Essentials Bundle is $39.95/month and includes the core five products needed by every family: Shampoo/Body Wash, Face & Body Lotion, Healing Balm, Laundry Detergent and Hand Soap. After the
first month, subscribers can personalize and choose from The Honest Company’s assortment of nine other Honest products to make sure they have what they need the most.

The Honest Company also donates product, money, time, and effort to their nonprofit partner Baby2Baby– who supplies families in need with essential baby clothing and gear.

Sustainable, stylish and generous… that’s the truth.

Sign up for a free trial of The Honest Company’s delivery service here, and receive their Honest Discovery Kit: a FREE 7-day trial kit which includes a specially designed sample pack of diapers & wipes OR the bath & skin/ cleaning products.

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