top view block.210, block.210, block coffee table, jessica arosenius

Swedish design student Jessica Arosenius showcased her Block.210 coffee table during the recent Milan Design Week. Part of the Masterprogram Child Culture Design at HDK in Gothenburg’s “Play in Progress” exhibit, this design was meant to intrigue both parent and child. The name of the piece comes from the fact that 210 wooden blocks make up the table’s top. The overall exhibit was collaborated to bring play to every day items to help foster creativity and imagination.

block.210, block coffee table, milan design week, jessica arosenius, design student

The Block.210 coffee table is made out of solid birch and MDF. The 210 blocks are also made out of solid birch. Underneath the blocks are eight different colors that can be discovered when the blocks are moved around. There are secret play functions underneath the table where you can push the blocks up and interact with the person who is playing above. The blocks have 14 different designs, some with smiley faces. The designer said she intended for the coffee table to be, “located in the center of the house, next to your favorite sofa.”

I personally love the idea of a coffee block table! I think it is a great use of space and a perfect place to store blocks that are used often. The Block.210’s features are very unique, especially the holes in the bottom of the table to move blocks around. I think that truly gets children thinking outside of the box and allows them to play more creatively. I think the sleek design would work in most living rooms and would be a neat conversation piece. I can’t wait to see this design put into production by a manufacturer!

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