If you have a tot in diapers, get ready to help set the Guinness World Record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously! On April 23, 2011, dirty diapers around the world will be changed in unison at 12pm EST in The Great Cloth Diaper Change. Whether your baby starts in a disposable diaper, Charlie Banana green diaper, or a gDiaper, it doesn’t matter, but she must be changed into a cloth diaper to count. The event taking place the day after Earth Day was created in conjunction with the Real Diaper Association to raise awareness about cloth diapering.

The event was dreamed up by Judy Aagard, and RDIA member, and owner of the California baby boutique and diaper service Tiny Tots. Aagard wanted to host an event for families in her community but now, her dream has ballooned into setting the Guinness World Record for green diaper changes. The event is happening at over 400 locations nationwide. You can of course participate from the comfort of your own changing table, but to be counted for the record you’ll have to take your dirty-diapered tot to location counting cloth diapered bums, or you could host a location of your own.

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