You, the kids, perhaps a fur baby or two: the struggle to get everyone out into the great, untamed world is real. That tent that sheltered you during your college adventures in nature isn’t going to do it anymore, yet buying a brand-new camper isn’t in the budget either. The Journey Basecamp Trailer by Freespirit Recreation may be the answer to spending more time comfortably with your family while getting to experience the best of the outdoors. This souped up yet lightweight trailer is an awesome motivator to throw your travel arrangements to the wind. Who needs to make minute-by-minute plans when you’ve got your temporary home and all the fixings right behind you?

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Integral to the trailer’s design is a 9-foot tent that sleeps four to six people with space for a queen-sized air bed as well as a separate bunk area that kids will undoubtedly love. If you’ve got a bigger crew, or perhaps a family with a distaste for tight quarters, add on an annex or an awning so that everyone can get the breathing room they need. The tow-behind trailer is light enough to be pulled by small cars as well as larger ones and has 45 cubic feet of storage space for luggage or other equipment, leaving your family extra room in the car to spread out. The durable canvas tent sits on top of the trailer itself instead of taking up all the storage space; an expandable cover that fits over the tent allows even more room for soft gear. Although we wish the trailer’s cover was made of something more eco- and people- friendly than PVC, purchasing and operating an entire camper has its downsides with regards to environmental footprint as well (and so does flying somewhere and staying in a hotel). If Freespirit Recreation swaps out its cover for something a little more sustainably made, we’d daresay this trailer would be one of the leanest, greenest ways for you and your family to explore the country.

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+ Journey Basecamp Trailer $7,470 and up

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