Bundu Designs is a Canadian and US based organization that works with over 25 community upliftment projects in southern Africa that create ethical kids products including the Kapoaka project. The co-operative based in Madagascar provides Fair Trade employment to artisans who were previously impoverished, but with this work they have been able to build houses, buy rice fields, and establish a pig-breeding farm.

Each of the handmade Kapoaka models is unique. Artisans handcraft each one using whatever discarded tin cans are available, so you can expect color and pattern variations. From taking a closer look at the vehicles, you’ll notice the great detail that goes into the artisans handiwork, which adds to their charm. Each little toy is about 5″ wide by 5″ long.

+ Madagascar Tin Car $15

+ Madagascar Tin Bi-Plane $15

+ Madagascar Tin Bus $15

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