Paper is the foundation of Kato’s artistic process, but she incorporates other found and recycled materials and embellishes her sculptures using embroidery to give them a unique, lifelike texture. To add additional detail, Kato also uses natural dyes and watercolors to show subtle variations between different species of plants and animals and to make her creations appear as if they were just plucked from the ground.

Harkening back to her childhood passion, Kato crafts several creatures, flowers, and fungi and showcases them in small matchboxes and tins. The meticulously handmade sculptures are at the same time playful and refined, as suitable for nature-loving adults as for tiny hands to display and treasure. Another technique Kato uses is to incorporate book pages into her designs, creating realistic flowers such as hydrangea. Wouldn’t you love to see Kato create a wedding bouquet with flowers made from a couple’s favorite book or their vows?

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One of the most impressive aspects of Kato’s work is her attention to the minutiae that make plants and bugs so fascinating. Whether intricately cutting the paper for a physalias or creating a tiny and textured tableaux of mushrooms in cut paper grass, Kato’s imaginative artistry invites viewers to admire the worlds she has crafted, and to be inspired by the simple, awesome elements of nature.

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