Keeki Pure and Simple offers many sweet and safe cosmetics for young kids, including a full line of non-toxic nail colors. Keeki Pure and Simple uses as many organic raw materials as possible in their products and their nail colors are free from parabens, phthalates and other toxic ingredients. Plus these nail polishes are gluten-free, toluene-free, vegan, made in the USA and never ever tested on animals. Keeki’s nail colors are fun year-round, but right now there’s extra fun to be had with some cool Keeki Halloween nail polish gift sets. For example, the Candy Corn Gift Pack includes Lemonade, Marshmallow and Orange Sorbet colors while the Franken-Keeki Gift Pack (shown above) comes with Sour Apple Slushie and Midnight Snack. Your child may also choose from a Keeki the Friendly Ghost Gift Pack or a Trick-or-Treat Gift Pack.

+ Franken-Keeki Gift Pack $17.97

+ Keeki the Friendly Ghost Gift Pack $26.97

+ Trick-or-Treat Gift Pack $26.97

+ Candy Corn Gift Pack $26.97

+ Keeki Pure and Simple