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Jordan Grace Owens works closely with each customer to make sure she captures the style and spirit of the three-dimensional person she’s designing in one dimension. During the ordering process, you provide two to three photographs (jpg images are great) of the folks you’d like in doll form, and you choose the outfits. Owens asks that customers send details of clothing, shoes, and hairstyles that are as specific as possible, ie: “knee-length black pencil skirt with white polka dots, short-sleeve blue t-shirt, brown belt, and green pointy-toe shoes.” You can even submit photos of the person wearing the actual outfit you’d like their doll version to don. Owens then illustrates a “quirky stylized moveable likeness of your favorite animal or person.” Each doll is hand-colored using marker, ink and colored pencil and each piece is cut from thick cover-weight paper and fastened with metal brads. Adult dolls measure approximately six inches tall.

Owens is open to your suggestions in the creative rendering of your dolls and you may contact her regarding special requests. If your family is still growing, she will happily update your collection by adding a new baby or pet!

Due to extreme popularity, Owens currently has a wait list for all custom orders until the end of June 2013. When you make your purchase, you secure a spot on her wait list.

See more examples of Owens’ Paper Doll Portraits here.

+ Personalized Paper Dolls $30-$150 (A set of 3 dolls costs $90)

+ Jordan Grace Owens Art & Illustration

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