A series of children’s books with playful and simple environmental messages combined with colorful collage illustrations created by kids? Sign us up! We sort of have a crush on the whole Kiba Kiba project. Kiba Kiba creator Jessica Riley writes a story then presents it to a group of kids who take part in an illustration workshop. The kids then get to choose what page they want to illustrate and voila — a creative collaboration is formed, with kids getting deeply involved in the artistic process. Using material such as recycled fabric, junk mail, shopping bags, and magazines, the pint-sized Picasso’s make colorful, playful collages that beautifully complement Riley’s words.

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The Kiba Kiba library has a growing number of titles (and who could resist a book called Fearless Fifi: The Weedy Sea Dragon?). For bilingual families, Kiba Kiba has published several of their books in other languages, including French, Spanish, and Czech!  Some of our favorites:

The Playful Spirits’ Playground covers each season and describes how play spirits (aka children) living in various parts of the world take joy in their natural surroundings. From ski jumping in the winter in Japan to hiding in mango trees in Pakistan in the springtime, kids will be inspired to become modern-day “play spirits” and actively enjoy the playground that Mother Earth provides.

The Dream of the New Earth, told from the earth’s viewpoint, sends the message that all life is connected. The Earth has high hopes for its inhabitants and dreams of what a world would be like if we cherished the Earth we lived on.

The latest Kiba Kiba publication, The London Frogs: The First Ever Bog Band is a co-promotion project between Kiba Kiba and the non-profit Water.org. London Frogs tells the story of one frog who tries to enlist others to help him clean up the dirty and toxic waters around London. The book begins with a request for readers to write songs about water and submit them to The London Frogs website, where kids can get their 15 minutes of fame by singing their new creations (or even burping).  With the message that anyone can help make a difference in the world, The London Frogs is a unique book that will get the whole family writing, coloring, creating, and singing.

In keeping with what Riley deems “the evolution of the coloring book”, all of the Kiba Kiba books also have a companion book (sold separately) in which kids can do their own artwork alongside the words of the story. Hours of creativity await you and your child as she experiences the way that words and pictures come together to make her own book.

As if we didn’t think Kiba Kiba was cool enough already, Riley uses Print on Demand technology for all of the Kiba Kiba books, eliminating excess inventory and waste.

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