When my son was younger, his favorite joke was the classic, “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana” knock knock joke. A lot of kids are fans of puns of this nature because they’re easy to remember. This Valentine’s Day you can fuel your child’s pun affinity with adorable plantable Valentine’s Day cards that are sure to be a hit. Each of these fruity, sweet Valentines features an appropriately “appeeling” fruit pun that your child will get a kick out of —  plus the cards are printed on lovely post-consumer material seed paper. The seed paper is embedded with wildflower seeds, which when planted, will bloom into wildflowers — meaning these Valentines offer twice the love. Each card comes with it’s own colorful envelope (i.e. orange for the orange card, red for the berry card, yellow for the banana and so on).

+ Blooming Valentine’s Day Cards $3.95

+ Botanical PaperWorks