Despite recommendations that children should not be exposed to more than two hours of screen time each day (and the less screen time, the better), a recent study of British youth found that the average amount of time kids spend online each week is 27.5 hours. That’s right: kids are spending more than a full day each week on a variety of media including smart phones and tablets (and we’re horrified by the fact that this statistic doesn’t even take into account how many more hours they are likely watching television). This number represents an increase of 3.5 hours per week since last year alone and is TRIPLE the amount of time kids spent online a decade ago. And for the record, adults aren’t doing so well with limiting screen time either, spending on average 20 hours per week on their various devices. The availability of mobile devices is the logical reason for this steep increase in both adults and kids. If you or your family members are reaching anywhere close to these alarming numbers of time online, there’s no better time (or season) to make a family pledge to unplug and have an adventure by going on a hike, exploring a new part of town, or having a park picnic.

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