It’s not always easy to get wee ones to eat their veggies and greens, but with Bambu’s line of kid-sized utensils, there now is an enticing way to make eating stylish, fun, and eco-friendly, too! Made from certified-organically grown bamboo, Bambu’s adorable kids line is the first-of-its-kind, providing a durable and natural alternative to the usual plastics. They’re lighter and stronger than wood, heat and stain resistant, and thankfully won’t absorb food flavors.

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For your budding culinary geniuses, Bambu also offers a Kids In The Kitchen Tools assortment as well as kid-sized spatulas, the new ‘sporks’, and more!

Owner and Co-Founder of Bambu Jeff Delkin describes, “We felt that Bambu KIDS gives parents a conscientious alternative; a product that was sensibly designed and priced and made from a renewable resource.”

+ $7- $16 From Branch for kids and baby-sized sets

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