How about instead of telling a child to pull up a chair, you challenge her to build it herself? She might make a chaise lounge, a slide, a sofa of sorts, a rocking chair, or perhaps a little table. Using Spyntex’s durable, water-resistant, bar-like pieces, she can keep creating in order to make customizable and changeable multifunctional furniture shapes. As if the chameleon design aspect of Spyntex wasn’t enough, the pieces are made from a 100% recyclable composite material.

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Spyntex, which come in nine different modern and vivid colors, feature interlocking bars that slide together to form various structures. Kids can experiment with how the 41 pieces can be assembled and they can even join forces with other family members’ Spyntex to create crazy, hybrid structures that will serve as seating for multiple people. Because every piece has a long side and a short side, they can be arranged into straight or curvy lines which can also be organized into wheel-like shapes. The structures can be assembled or broken down within minutes, making them ideal for extra seating for parties or family get togethers. These modern multifunctional design pieces can be used indoors or outside. We think they’d be awesome as garden furniture. Spyntex is currently about to meet their Kickstarter fundraising goal with an expected delivery date of November 2017.

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