When I was a kid, I had this gigantic set of Lincoln Logs. I’d spread them, like a maze, all over the house and wander through pretending it was my real house. Sadly, a flat house, just isn’t that much fun. No matter how hard I tried those Lincoln Logs would only build a very short, 6 inch tall structure, so it didn’t seem as much like a real house as I wished. What I needed back then, and what I’m sure your kids would love now, are ImagiPlanks. ImagiPlanks are a new super-sized building toy that allows your child to create massive structures he can really play inside of, climb on and more. The options are endless with these open-ended wooden planks allowing kids to build a fort, playhouse, slide, tower, teeter-totter, tunnel, bridge and so much more.

ImagiPlanks were created by a dad,  Scott Moore. After watching his kids play with plain old scrap wood, Moore thought, maybe there’s a safer toy idea here, and he came up with ImagiPlanks — which interlock, making them a much safer toy than scraps of wood, a hammer and nails. Each set is built locally in America with all natural wood and non-toxic penetrating oil finishes which won’t flake off. Currently, the company offers 3 different sets: a 10 piece Starter Set, a 20 piece Constructor Set, and a 30 piece Master Builder Set. Starting at $239 per set, these awesome wooden planks don’t come cheap, but you could choose a toy like this over a pre-built playhouse, thus getting 2+ toys in one… and you should consider a great toy like this an investment in creative, constructive playtime for your child.

+ ImagiPlanks 10 to 30 piece sets from $239.95