Everyone’s an architect with Paper Punk’s new URBAN FOLD paper block box set. Whether you’re 6 or 96, you can instantly build a 3D paper city with this all-inclusive kit that features over 700 punch-out foldable shapes and an enviable collection of super cool stickers. Build and play over and over again with this brain game that encourages creativity, enhances manual dexterity and influences prototyping and design skills. Best of all, no glue or scissors are required. The only tools kids need to get started erecting a bright metropolis are their own two hands!

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In a chronically techology driven culture unplugged play is rarely the norm. Fortunately, the URBAN FOLD kit provides plenty of good, old-fashioned imaginative, open-ended play for kids’ developing brains under the auspices of a handsomely designed toy. Organize a play date with your children and their friends for an afternoon of inspired building. They’ll craft their handmade city on the kit’s planning mat all the while exploring skills in geometry and spatial thinking.

When the lines between learning and play are blurred, this 21st century toy gets two thumbs up for party pleasing capability. It also presents the perfect opportunity to bond for the entire family. Support Paper Punk’s latest Kickstarter Campaign and learn more about the creation of the URBAN FOLD craft set here.


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