As anyone who has ever been faced with crayon-colored walls can tell you, kids love to take decorating into their own hands. With the new Colour Me Lampshades from Mullan Kids, you can actually encourage them to do so! With six different designs to choose from, kiddos will love getting to choose a lampshade, decorate it, and then put it together using the simple instructions. Currently on Kickstarter, the decorate-your-own lampshades are a fun way to let kids feel like they are getting major input on their room’s decor and lighting.

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With themes ranging from sweet birds to friendly monsters to cheerful animals, the lampshades feature simple, kid-friendly designs that will be appealing for children to color. The lampshade comes flat-packed, and little artists can color as if they were simply doing so on a piece of paper. Once your kiddo is finished decorating, she can roll up the lampshade into the classic drum shape by attaching the included velcro-edged rings to the panel. While these lampshades are fun to have at home (and are a great moving-day or unpacking day activity to keep little hands occupied), we also love the idea of children’s hospitals investing in a bundle of them. Every time a new patient comes in, he or she could decorate their own lampshade to making the space feel a little more cheerful!

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Mullan Kids is an offshoot of Mullan Design Lighting, an Ireland-based company with plenty of experience designing and manufacturing lights and fixtures, so creating a high quality, kid-friendly product is a natural fit. With an affordable price point, we can see ourselves grabbing a few of the different designs so we can have an activity at hand when their love of princesses gives way to an interest in wild animals.

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