Build a Dream PLayhouse, flat packed playhouse, sustainable fort, recycled materials

Build a Dream Playhouses are literally every kid’s dream — enabling them to design and decorate their very own clubhouse. Made from sustainable cardboard, each model is shipped flat packed– taking up little storage space and wasting little energy in transit. Once home, the cardboard pops out into one of six awesome play scenarios that kids can paint, color or draw on before enjoying hours of make believe play.

Kids have transformed cardboard boxes into forts, castles and spaceships for years. Build a Dream Playhouse uses their imaginations as inspiration, giving kids something even more fun to decorate and play in. Developed by a Cleveland dad, the collection of playhouses and dream vehicles is made from 80% recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable. In addition to flat packing, the company’s distributor is just 38 miles from its manufacturer, further reducing the need for transportation fuel and costs.

Kids can take a journey just about anywhere via their imaginations coupled with one of the Build a Dream Playhouses. The Snack Shack can double as a lemonade stand for little entrepreneurs to cut their teeth, while the Pop N Play Castle is perfect for playing princes or knight in shining armor. Future chefs can paint the kitchen walls before whipping up culinary masterpieces, while budding astronauts can cruise the galaxy in the Cosmic Cruiser. The Imagine Wagon and Dream Machine can also be customized into your child’s favorite color or designed with paint, crayons, stickers, markers or just about any craft or art supply.

Little dreams can come true with Build a Dream’s line of interactive toys, and you can be at ease knowing your little one’s imagination is being fostered with a sustainable, recyclable toy.

+ Build a Dream Playhouse $29.95 – $59.95