Wodibow wooden animals are delightfully crafted toys made to spark a child’s imagination and encourage building skills while also honoring “Mastodon-sized animals.” Wodibow offers a family of four species that your child can put together with their own little hands. The pieces that make up each of the wooden mastodon animals are simple enough for kids to assemble, but because they must be combined correctly in order to end up with a finished animal, each toy still provides a nice challenge. The Mastodonts are comprised of a family of 4 wooden animals that have 1 thing in common: they share the body. You have 22 different wooden pieces with small magnets to build 4 animals just by changing the head: Hipu, Riin, Groso and Olaf. Once completed, the wooden creatures move freely via their magnets and a small mechanism within the wood. Each wooden animal is made with 100% natural materials including solid wood and a finish of olive oil and beeswax that won’t pollute or damage the planet, people, or animals. As a bonus, for each Wodibow product you buy, the company will donate part of the profits to organizations that build and conserve ecosystems.

+ Wodibow Wooden Animals €45.00 – €68.00

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