Move over, R2D2 and C-3PO, there’s a new droid in town! We’re all for sharing Inhabitots news with your kids, but you might want to keep this information about the BB-8 droid to yourself, unless you like being asked over and over and over again for a holiday present six months ahead. Toy start-up Sphero created the BB-8, which apparently will be controlled by a smart-phone and can roll all over the place at your command. Sphero also helped develop the BB-8 droid that appears in the movie, since the filmmakers decided that a “real” droid would be better than a CGI-creation for the sake of the film. See BB-8 in action at the Star Wars celebration in the video above.

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This toy is truly the stuff of a Star Wars fan’s dreams. BB-8 is operated by some mysterious system in which the “head” ball is attached to the rolling bottom ball, while still allowing it to move independently (sources speculate that it uses some sort of magnet). The actual toy, which will be about the size of a large Granny Smith apple is drawing tons of attention and will be available in time for the holidays and the movie’s December 2015 release (although some think it may be available sooner). It is expected to retail for about $150.00. Or you could try and DIY your own BB-8 if the force is with you.

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Image © David Mcnew/Reuters via The New York Times