Most kids view their grandparents as incredible human beings worthy of adoration. In contrast to the American culture’s dismissive and negative ideologies surrounding the elderly, kids envision their elders as full of vitality and love. Yoni Lefevre, a design student at the University of Eindhoven, created the photo series, “Grey Power” to highlight that the older generation has a great deal to contribute to their families and to our society.

Lefevre asked each child to draw a picture of their grandparents as superheroes. The illustrations were then recreated as photographs with the help Lefevre’s mother’s pedicure clients. Each snapshot was staged complete with costumes and set pieces taken directly from the drawings. Through humor and no small amount of charm, Lefevre presents the elderly as they are seen by their loved ones.

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“We are living in a rapidly aging society. A majority regards this as a negative development. Older people are perceived as standing on the sideline, having lost their independence. But I see the great value this generation can offer. For ‘Grey Power’ I used drawings made by children of their grandparents, to create an image boost for this generation. Children do not regard their grandparents as grey and withered, but as active human beings who add color to their lives. Their fresh perspective can contribute towards a more nuanced and positive view on the composition of our society,” says Lefevre.

+ Yoni Lefevre

via PSFK

Images © Yoni Lefevre