In an era rife with iPhone Apps, Wii, X-Boxes, and Playstations, there’s still no substitute for the awe-inspiring charm and whimsical craftsmanship of a pop-up book. Spanish design firm Play Studios helps kids foray back into the simplicity and innocence of good, old-fashioned books with their project, POP-Upchitecture. The challenge: dream up a sustainable city of the future, which will be brought to life by university students who fashion the children’s concepts into pop-up books. Behold the masterful renditions of the imaginary cityscapes after the jump!

Kids’ ideas for future urban living include an abundance of trees, with plenty of open space for kite-flying, slides descending from the tops of skyscrapers, which deliver passengers to street level in one fell swoop, and interior landscapes that incorporate outdoor elements such as water and forests. We hope these pop-up books turn out to be non-fiction, and that the future does indeed look this bright for generations to come.

+ Play Studios

+ How To: Make Your Own Pop-up Book

via Fast Company