It only takes one week to transform your little fashion-designer-in-the-making into a full-fledged prodigy. The Unincorporated Life—a Los Angeles-based branding, clothing, and education company, is turning spring break and summer vacation into opportunities for kids as young as age 6 to design, sew and execute style in a mindful way. Students become architects and engineers of their own learning by sketching designs, developing their own brand image and even showcasing a debut collection for friends and family. This week long hands-on experience pushes students to be involved in the complete fashion process while tapping into their own potential to create a wardrobe that bursts at the seams with fun.

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Don’t be fooled. Fashion camp is much more than bows, glitter and glue. Getting students to think outside of the traditional department store fast fashion narrative takes a bit of ingenuity and a well-framed curriculum that The Unincorporated Life has effortlessly mastered. With the fashion industry’s most recently revealed ill of toxic chemicals coating kids clothing, scrutiny over a child’s wardrobe is critical.

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Do-it-yourself fashion instruction positions students to practice hard-core problem solving and design thinking skills. Simultaneously, campers build an overarching awareness about how clothing is made while crafting a collection of clothes from scratch.

The Unincorporated Life’s classes are hosted during spring and summer breaks and run for $500 per week Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Register for their array of camp sessions here.

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