The Green Education Foundation (GEF) is attempting to mobilize millions of students from across the country to participate in National Green Week 2012 during February. In what GEF says will be the largest waste reduction campaign in history, National Green Week will be officially kicking off on February 6, but students and schools may choose any week from Feb.6 – April 22 (Earth Day) to participate. So far, GEF reports that almost 5,000 schools have registered reaching nearly six million students. The idea behind Green Week is that students can be empowered to be green leaders of their own school sustainability campaigns. The campaign asks students to participate in activities such as pledging to bring school snacks, water and lunches in reusable containers as part of the Waste-Free Snacks Campaign. Students may also take the Green Energy Challenge, an effort to reduce energy consumption at school and at home, where students actually audit their classrooms, schools and homes to find energy leaks and correct them. There’s also a cool Adopt-a-Plant for your classroom project (complete with adoption papers!).

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There are many ways that students and schools can pledge to participate in this year’s National Green Week. For example:

In just five days, last year’s National Green Week event saved over 100,000 pounds of trash and tens of thousands of dollars in utility bills. To learn more about National Green Week and the resources and tools that accompany the program, visit GEF’s website.

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