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Need yet another reason to make your child walk to school? How about better concentration skills? Kids who walk to school not only reap the reward of physical exercise, they also have better mental acuity than those children who are being driven to school by their parents or taking the bus. Other benefits of walking to school include better overall health, increased independence, a lower global footprint, reduced car accidents — and it’s a lot more fun to boot. A comprehensive Danish project, titled the Mass Experiment looks at the lives of 25,000+ K-12 students each year in order to help solve problems that may affect kids. In 2012, they decided to see if there were any links between diet, exercise and the power of concentration. In fact there was a link between exercise in the morning and better concentration. The researchers had students perform basic concentration tests and found that kids who walked to school scored higher than their peers who were transported via car, train, or bus. The beneficial effects of walking to school were long-lasting too. Kids who walked to school not only concentrated better in the morning, but also for a good four hours into their school day. Why not give your kids some freedom, health and better concentration today by allowing them to pound the pavement to the school house?

+ Mass Experiment of 2012

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